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Long Curly Synthetic Wig with Bang 15 Styles Heat Resistant Full Wig

Try adjusting the straps …it is a nice weight for the price …I wear bobby pins in mine …get them to match the hair color. You can also try a wig head band to get a better fit. This one is keeper…I got the brown and black mix. It is good for a romantic date or when you have to look you very best …

Get it trimmed to you face by Fantastic Clips or some such other quick place …don’t spend a lot to have it cut to fit you. Love it!…not shiny or cheap looking.

I have natural hair and a bun tucked under it and the cap still feels great …so it if you have longer hair …you can hide it well , with no tight fit. For less than a Jackson…I am sold on this one!

Blonde Wigs Wavy Curly 24inche Long Heat Resistant Fiber Cosplay Costume Party Hair Wigs for Women

Thank you to all the people who wrote review about this wig. I love this wig very much from the 1st time I saw it. But after reading I decided to get one. It came today I was Super excited to wear it out. I felt very Sexy.

I also got lots of compliments it was great. I wear wigs regularly but this one is all its said to be. It’s full very curly, soft, and lays very well on my back. It sheds but I’m sure after longer use I hope that will stop. I will be getting another one soon. I like the way it lays on top its flat looks natural. Thank you for showcasing such a great item at a great price too.

I order I don’t even go to the beauty supply outlets anymore. To the ladies who leave feedback it really helps other women spend their money for a great product. Thanks for passing on the love!!!!!!!


24″ Curly Kanekalon Premium Synthetic Lace Hair Wig (Gradient Bleach Blonde)

My favorite hair piece of all time! So much so that I’ve ordered 5 of them over the last two years. I reorder when the ends get nasty and it feels rough but who cares, at this price, it’s a great deal. I change my style too often to invest in human hair but this wig will fool even the most trained eye.

I get 4 or 5 compliments on my hair everyday and no one ever knows its not my hair. Color is really natural and because there are so many different hues in it my natural hair blends right it. Tip, avoid using brushes, just your figers, it will elongate it’s life span.

Avoid applying natural oil products to smooth it out, use synthetic products and wash it every other week with wig shampoo. Enjoy! Let me know what you think about it.